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Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year at Valley View Elementary School!  It is my pleasure and honor to be your new principal within this great community!  I am looking forward to a SAFE, CIVIL, and PRODUCTIVE school year with many opportunities to learn, share, and create lifelong memories!  At VVES we will do everything in our power to personalize education and challenge all learning styles on a daily basis.  In addition, every month we will celebrate a different character trait that will emphasize the significance of being a well-rounded individual.

As parents, we all know that time flies by way too fast!  With that said, I am a huge proponent of having parents/guardians within our school to be a part of your child’s learning experience.  I believe a great education is one where the parents and teachers can partner to challenge, support, and motivate the many great minds within our school.  If you’re not already, please consider volunteering at VVES this year.  We have many great opportunities that can utilize all skill sets to support the education of our future leaders.

All the Best,

Nathan Williams ~  Principal of VVES

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Valley View

Mr. Nathan Williams, Principal

6750 Augusta Street

Bonners Ferry, ID  83805

Phone  267-5519

Fax  267-3388

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Rules For a Good Life

  1. Don’t lie
  2. Don’t cheat
  3. Don’t steal
  4. Help others when you can
  5. Say please/thank you often
  6. Read books
  7. Be responsible
  8. Show respect
  9. If those around you do not follow these rules, politely remind them of the above