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Principal Pflueger Press

September 17, 2014



Friends of Valley View,

I will start this edition by acknowledging our main volunteer support group and heroes, the PTO. The school could not function as well without the PTO (we are all parents and teachers). The ways to help Valley View are numerous; these include sharing your time, talents and treasures. Projects this group provides are field trips, special assemblies and classroom requests.  A long term project for the PTO is to replace the bleachers. If you cannot help us during the school day or special events, consider financial support (watch for a PTO Direct

Donation letter). If you do not have the cash, collect BoxTops at home. This simple program contributed over $2000 to VVES last year. This goes directly to the students, bringing in school equipment and supplies. For more information, contact Cassie Smith at 946-3404. PTO meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:15.

As safety is our #1 Goal, please let us know if there are any changes to your emergency information sheet; we need these updates ASAP. Going along with student safety, is an open invitation to meet your child for lunch at Valley View. Your child loves to show you off, and I appreciate your presence in the lunchroom. If you plan to eat a hot lunch, we need to know by 8:30 AM. Adult meals are $3.60; you can’t get a better deal than this anywhere in town! Speaking of lunch, another piece of paperwork which has a positive effect on our school, is the free/reduced lunch form. This information is kept very confidential. Whether you want to participate in the program or not, please complete the paper work. Just completing it provides the benefit of additional state financial support and grant money for our school.

This year, we will continue to sharpen our academic expectations, particularly in writing. We will work at increasing student vocabulary, and improving learning through the writing process. Please encourage your child to get more comfortable with writing—possibly through writing letters or e-mails to loved ones who live out of town.

This year, I have added the 9 Rules for a Good Life. All students will be expected to memorize these rules. They are:  1) Don’t lie, 2) Don’t cheat, 3) Don’t steal, 4) Help others when you can, 5) Say please/thank you often, 6) Read books, 7) Be responsible, 8) Show respect, 9) If those around you do not follow these rules, politely remind them of the above. If you would like a copy for your refrigerator, please stop by my office. I have millions of them!

As I mentioned at Back-to-School Night, throughout the school year, all children will experience conflict. This is a human experience we all share. All too often conflict is confused with BULLYING! Most student problems are conflicts, caused by a lack of social skills, communication skills and bad humor. My goal is to teach children how to handle conflict and/or to avoid these problems.  All students will be taught a simple technique: to put their hand up and say, “Please Stop” and to walk away. If the problem continues or if the problem is excessive, they need to involve an adult. If you have a concern, I will ask you to handle it directly by talking to your child’s teacher. We will look into it. The Valley View Staff would sincerely appreciate hearing about a problem from you and not through Facebook and the social media.

I will end this edition with a head scratcher—Head Lice Happens! We do not grow them here at school. Summertime overnights can be generous.  We teach our students to not share hats, to keep their jackets separate, and to keep their heads away from each other—still it happens. Make time to sit and read with your child, give them hugs and attention…….and while you’re doing this check their heads. There are new products which claim to prevent head lice; check out our bulletin board.  



Respectfully submitted by,                                                         

Gary Pflueger, Principal 


Upcoming Events:

9/15     Begin collection of “Coats for Kids”—please look through your closets for outgrown, lightly worn items that you would consider donating to this worthy cause; we also collect winter hats, gloves and boots.

9/30      Picture Day

10/1      Student Council speeches 8:30 AM in cafeteria Grades 3rd-5th

10/7      School Board Meeting 6:00 PM at Mt. Hall Elementary School

10/8      Valley View PTO 4:15



Please do not drive to the back of our building before or after school. This area is for staff parking and bus pickup/drop off only. This is a student safety issue! 

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