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April 21, 2015

Friends of Valley View,                                                    ‚Äč

     The world of accountability comes to all Idaho Schools this week in the form of “Standardized Testing”. Parents, I am sure you remember these; I sure do! Back in my day, along with the earned score, they told you what future employment you were suited for………I am glad they were wrong! Regardless of how you feel about these tests, as a public school, we must fulfill the requirement. Personally, I feel the tests are an important “snap shot” of your child’s academic progress and their test taking skills. These tests are used for a number of reasons: to see if our teachers are teaching the state academic standards, to measure our students against other Idaho students and to rate the effectiveness of our school program, as determined by the Idaho State Department of Education.

      That being said, and as I mentioned in the last PPP,—we have nothing to worry about. Valley View has excellent teachers working toward the set targets. On the back side of this letter, again, is a copy of the ISAT-SBAC test schedule. Please look it over and help us prepare your child for success. Through this time period, we ask for faithful attendance, a well rested child and, healthy snacks to share, if possible. These can include fruit, crackers and cheese.

     Please stop by and check our “Lost & Found”. You will, very likely, find some missing items!!!!

Upcoming events

5/7                      1st Grade Mother’s Day Tea

5/8                      8:00-4:00 Valley View Kindergarten Registration for


5/11-28               Spring Writing Prompt—grade level select prompt and date

5/13                    4:15 PTO

5/14                    3rd Grade Olympics Fairgrounds

5/14                    Kindergarten to Mt. Hall Museum

5/17-21               Knowledge Fair and Book Fair

5/19                   3rd Grade Culture Fair

5/20                   4th Grade to Cataldo Mission

5/21                   1st Grade Field Trip to the Airport

5/21                   3rd Grade field trip to the Refuge

5/21                   Festival at Sandpoint 5th Grade Outreach Program in

                         VVES Cafeteria   9:00 Naples & Mt. Hall  10:00 Valley View

5/21                    5th Grade Curiosity Projects judging

5/21                    Free Dinner and Dessert Auction; 4th Grade entertainment

5/25                    Memorial Day—No School

5/26                    VVES Jog-a-thon. Not a fund-raiser; we just run for the

                          health of it!!!

5/27                    5th Grade Libby Dam

5/28                    2:00 Talent School

6/1                      9:00 Volunteer Appreciation Assembly       9:30 Brunch   

                          10:30 Kickball Game      Staff & Volunteers vs. 5th grade

6/3                      5th Bowling PM

6/4                      12:20 Dismissal


Respectfully submitted by,                                                                                 

Gary Pflueger, Principal

Please do not drive to the back of our building before or after school. This area is for staff parking and bus pickup/drop off only. This is a student safety issue! 



Classified Employee of the Month

Mrs. Sarah Binnall, Secretary at Valley View Elementary School.

sarah.jpgThe frontline of a school comes from the administrative assistant and receptionist. An efficient school needs this person to be pleasant, effective, knowledgeable, patient and consistent. Valley View Elementary School has this in Mrs. Sarah Evelyn Binnall. Sarah has served the Boundary County School District for seven years; her first year as the IDLA instructor at Riverside H.S., the second in the Resource Room at Valley View and the next six in the School Office.

Sarah, a native of California, moved to Bonners Ferry in 2001. She was a member of the BFHS graduating class of 2002. Sarah meet her husband Chris, a contractor in Bonner Ferry and they were married in 2008.

Sarah loves the young children and their untouched spirit. She enjoys her colleagues, who hold her in the highest respect. She also enjoys the fast paced nature of the job. Together with Pam Copeland, the two office staff members take care of a huge array of tasks and emergencies, including but not limited to: meeting and greeting all who enter or call; taking roll for 343 students; making sure lunch count is in; ordering supplies; doctoring student injuries ranging from scraped knees, the stomach flu, head lice and hurt feelings; monitoring the front door; inputting student and family information; completing end of the year state reports; preparing for the next year; typing schedules and supervision checklists; taking messages to the students; and the list goes on forever! This kind of job is not for the weak of heart or idle. Sarah is organized and efficient. She always has a smile and laughter is often heard in the office area. I know I could not do my job without the office support we all receive!

Sarah is a naturalist; she lives off-grid. She enjoys cooking, gardening, raising chickens and building furniture. Recently, personal misfortune fell upon Sarah and her husband. Sarah has stayed positive and strong for the students and staff of Valley View. This tremendous inner strength is a testimony to her indomitable spirit. We are lucky to have her with us!

Principal Pflueger  

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